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What is Carenet365?

Carenet 365 is a simple online tool which allows carers to galvanise much-needed support, coordinate care and share it with others.
When I family member is taken ill, it often falls on the those closest to them to become their primary carer. With the current pressure on the NHS and Social Care, this role has never been so important or so pressured.  We are here to help relieve some of that burden.

Galvanise Support

Often others are keen to help, but coordinating everyone is as difficult as the actual caring.  Often it’s easier to do everything yourself, which can lead to isolation.  We are here to help carry that weight.

What people are saying

  • My biggest problem when my daughter was in hospital was working out the school run for my other kids.

  • When I had my knee op I really needed someone to walk my dog – Carenet 365 would have helped me to plan this.

  • It’s great to know I can use Carenet 365 to co-ordinate my mum’s care even though I live 150 miles away.

  • After my husband died I wanted to let people know how they could help but I found it really embarrassing asking. Carenet 365 makes it easier for all of us.

  • When I was poorly visitors all seemed to come at the same time – that was great but for the rest of the week I was on my own.



Easier communication means less things to worry about. Your network will get real-time alerts on all relevant appointments & calendar entries.



Family and friends that care for you (or that you care for) are part of the informal care network. CareNet365 will allow better planning and scheduling of your network,



Accessible through any internet-enabled device, allowing you to plan, schedule and communicate with ease, whether you’re on the go or at home.


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